Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cutest Way To Wake Up

This morning I woke up in the cutest bed ever thanks to Garfield.  I haven't posted about Garfield yet so I guess today is his day.  Have you ever noticed that orange kitties are the sweetest, most loving of all cats?

This sweet boy is Garfield.

Of my three babies, Garfield is the most "normal". In most ways he is a typical cat who does typical cat things.  He just wants to be petted and loved and he loves catnip.  He's not a fan of dogs. Before I got Athena his primary dog interaction was Maru.  They're both about two years old and Maru is still very much a puppy. When Maru comes over Garfield hides.  Hiding is his specialty.  He's very skilled at hiding in plain sight and can sit in the same position without moving a muscle for hours. In fact, when I first got him he hid in the pillows on the couch and I lost him even though a part of his tail was sticking out the whole time.

You know you wanna pet my fat fluffy tummy don't you!

Since he's not a huge fan of dogs he wasn't exactly pleased when baby Athena came into our lives. He quickly realized that even though she's a dog, she's much easier to deal with because he's so much bigger than her and he still has his claws.  He warmed up to her eventually. They play with each other now but they don't wrestle around like Moses and Athena do. She stays out of range of his paws and they chase each other around the house. 

But even though they play, Garfield still rarely sleeps in bed with me anymore since Athena came along. Which brings me to my cute awakening this morning.  I have a studio apartment and my bed is on the floor in the alcove behind the couch. It's actually quite nice. It's like a den for me and my cubs. (I've been calling them my cubs since it was just me and Moses. He wants everyone too know that he's really a Siberian Tiger or a Puma or whatever big cat suits his mood that day.)  Last night when I went to bed Garfield walked along the bed between me and the back of the couch.  I pet him for a few minutes but I really had to go to sleep as it was waaaaay past our bedtime. So I rolled over and went to sleep.  When I woke up in the morning my elbow bumped someone's head.  I'd had that same thing happen the day before so I figured it was Athena's head.  I reached over to pet her and found a much bigger, fluffier head.  Garfield had settled in right next to me and slept all night.  Athena was under the covers, stretched out along my leg and when I stretched my legs out my toes found Moe's soft fur. 

I woke up to all three cubs in bed with me. Moses sleeps near the foot of my bed almost every night.  Athena always sleeps burrowed under the covers, right up against my body every night unless she's up to midnight mischief. The one thing I've missed since I got Athena is snuggles with my little middle child.  Just look at this guy, you know you wanna snuggle him too.

That's right... give me snuggles human!

- Kathy


  1. Hi Garfield,

    It's great to meet you buddy - I love the sound of your hide and seek game, not sure I could stay still anywhere near as long as you though buddy!!

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. Garfield says "Of course you can't... you're a dog."
      He doesn't really like dogs but he thinks you're pretty cool, Snoopy. Thanks for checking out our blog.

  2. Perfect way to wake up! I'm jealous! The Dad kicks all the furkids out of our room at night (stinker)! Our orange cat Toby is a great big Man of Mischief, and not snuggly at all!

    1. I have a studio apartment and even if I had a bedroom door Moses wouldn't allow me to close it anyway. It's these sweet mornings waking up with all of them that makes it worth it. But more often than not I'm waking up in the middle of night to clumsy cats knocking things off shelves and puppy barking at the kitties who woke her up.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. This blogging thing is turning out to be a lot of fun for all of us.