Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Athena's Indoor Adventure

My advice to anyone considering getting a puppy is do not get a puppy during the wintertime.  Potty training is a tough idea to sell to Athena when it's this cold outside.  Bad weather has kept us indoors so we haven't been getting enough walking done to wear her out. Winter is really starting to bum us out.  

Boo winter!

But we look on the bright side and we're using this time wisely. We're resting up and getting healthy. While I plan some adventures for when the weather breaks, Athena worked on some of her adventuring skills.  She built a pillow fort.  No joking, I had nothing to do with this.  She burrowed a little tunnel in the pillows on the bed, after jumping all over them of course! 

Look what I made mama!

Being stuck inside all the time has given Athena a lot of time to think about the future.  Ever since her dreams of being a DEA agent were dashed she has been considering other career options.  She has gone to my therapist with me a few times and she thinks, "I can do that." She loves a good story, so it might be fun to help kids learn to read like these doggies. There are so many options... world famous dog adventurer, professional athlete, YouTube personality?  

Athena looking dreamy in her pillow fort!

If Athena's future is in the spotlight she's already practicing.  We worked on "Stay" command and she was really good at posing for pictures.  Well we've gotta get back to exploring and planning and dreaming of warmer days.  Stay warm!

Kathy and Athena

Sorry, no more pictures. I've gotta investigate this.